Last October 28, 2021, will be an unforgettable date for our group and we want to share with you the excitement of a new adventure that will allow us to fulfil the project that began years ago of verticalization of all production processes.

The investment consisting of a rolling mill, two continuous castings and an aluminium tension roller, all the latest generation, completes the existing stock of fixed assets and will further position us as a leading European company in the production and transformation of aluminium.

The objective is not to transform ourselves into aluminium producers, but to support the group's planned growth with an offer that is always more focused on the particular demands of our customers, to offer a better service and above all, to adapt to the evolution of the markets depending on the diversification of our business. All these challenges, and those to come, have been achieved thanks to the trust of our clients.

Continuing with the firm's commitment to internalization, the rolling mill is located in Italy and is expected to be fully operational in the first quarter of 2022.