This season, at Luxe Perfil, we have exciting news for everyone. We have recently finished building our brand-new quality laboratory. This represents a great leap for us in our quality procedures, and in our constant pursuit of perfection.

We want to share this experience with everyone, this is why we have designed an open space for all to see.



This beautiful, state of the art place is located in our installations in Chiva, Spain, and consists of 75 m2 of workspace with dozens of testing apparatus to be able to carry out all the work in one unified space.

Some of the test we carry out:

  • Raw material composition
  • Mechanical properties for aluminium
  • Chemical and colour properties for paint and varnish
  • Endurance testing
  • Specific properties of finished products



This means that we can make our products according to all the current European and international norms, but that we can also go above and beyond with more advanced tests that will put us one step ahead of the rest.

It’s fresh, it’s a big improvement, it’s modern. We love it and you will too. Because it’s going to allow us to give you the best of ourselves and our providers.

This is an amazing moment for us because this mean that our future will be branded with excellence.

Furthermore, if you want to come and see it yourself, we have also installed a fully equipped conference room where you can come and feel closer to the action than ever.

We’re waiting for you!