• 26 junio


Luxe Perfil, through its subsidiary Luxe Coat, has supplied the aluminum plates that have been used in the construction of the Mordovia Arena roof, a stadium located in the city of Saransk in the Republic of Mordovia, home of the group stage of the World Cup of Russia 2018.

In this project that has been in charge of group SaranskGrazhdanProekt and directed by the German architect Tim Hupe, have been used approximately 200 tons of plates of aluminum alloy 5754 H111 of 1500 mm with thicknesses of 2 and 3 mm painted with Pvdf in the RALES 2001, 2003 and 2009. The strong coloring of the plates pays tribute to the distinctive chromatic palette of Mordovia's craftsmanship.

The Mordovia Arena is the largest building in the city of Saransk. With a capacity of 45,000 spectators, once the World Cup is over, it will become a multipurpose center and an important part of city life, without a doubt its most representative icon. From Luxe Perfil we are very proud to have been part of this great project.


- Capacity for the period of the World Cup: 45.000
- Capacity after the World Cup: 30.000
- Built area: 31.391 square meters
- Total structural volume: 453.796 cubic meters
- Seats for people with reduced mobility: 445.
- Seats for media: 2280.