In our subsidiry company Alucofer International, we have QUALICOAT certification, which is a double guarantee for our customers as this seal ensures the high quality of the aluminium powder coating and also the material quality of all our products in our vertical plant.



QUALICOAT is a quality brand that emerged in 1986 with the aim of maintaining and promoting the quality of aluminium lacquering according to technical specifications that apply both to the lacquering process and to coating materials and chemical conversion materials, which must also be certified QUALICOAT, which ensures a more durable and efficient product.

We also have the special qualification for QUALICOAT lacquers in SEASIDE marine environments, which means an increase in the quality and protection of our lacquered profiles intended for use on the seafront.

To ensure compliance with the standards described in the specifications, we carry out daily tests in our facilities and additionally, the DECOTEC laboratory accredited by QUALICOAT, carries out annually several inspections and tests the materials produced.

For more information on the QUALICOAT brand and specifications see: https://asoc-aluminio.es/marcas-de-calidad/qualicoat