LUXETHERM®, the most efficient system.

LUXETHERM® arises from the need to provide architecture and construction users and professionals with a more efficient and environmentally friendly system for roller shutters that provides greater comfort, safety and energy savings, as it improves thermal insulation by at least 50% compared to traditional systems.

To achieve this goal, Luxe Perfil has established an alliance with Edilcass, an Italian multinational of recognized prestige with more than 40 years of experience in the manufacture of tunnel boxes for all types of blinds. This alliance allows our R&D&I teams to jointly develop new solutions that meet the needs of our customers in an increasingly complex and competitive market.



Made of high-density self-extinguishing EPS (33/35 kg/m³) it offers excellent thermal (0.4202 W/M² K) and acoustic insulation.
The high-density EPS and the structure of 6 4-mm galvanized steel rods, together with the electro-welded galvanized steel arches, provide a solid and stable structure.
Light box easy to transport and handle (including widths of 6 m.)
Wide range of models to respond to all kinds of construction needs.

Perfect indoor/outdoor integration.
Environmentally friendly
Its lightness and excellent thermal insulation help to limit CO2 emissions, this, together with the fact that EPS and aluminium are totally recyclable, make LUXETHERM™ a highly environmentally friendly product.



LUXETHERM® shutter boxes are made of high-density self-extinguishing expanded polystyrene (33/35 Kg/m³), 4 mm galvanized steel wire mesh and aluminum profiles. These elements are integrated together during the expansion of the EPS, which gives the whole a solid and stable structure, but at the same time light and resistant.
The use of light materials allows its transport and handling to be very easy and comfortable.
The upper part of the box has grooves to facilitate fixing to the concrete lintel.
The sides can have different finishes such as: cross-linked polystyrene, special cement, bonded wood fiber or brick, all of them are of high quality and allow excellent grip on the different construction materials. 


Improves grip thanks to its original specially designed grid.
Special formulation of epoxy cement with the best adherence on the market.
Very high quality wood fiber for an excellent finish.
High rigidity coating that reinforces the installation in small spaces.